FilmRollEntertainment Law

Litwin Law Group’s entertainment practice includes representing film and television companies, record companies, and recording artists in legal matters. Our services include drafting cast, crew and location agreements, personal releases, license agreements, co-producer agreements, shopping agreements, revenue split agreements; musician, host and sponsorship agreements; “work-for-hire” agreements. We also provide copyright and trademark registration.

businessBusiness Law

Litwin Law Group’s business practice includes advising clients on the structure of start-up businesses and non-profits, as well as drafting and negotiating governing documents and obtaining and reinstating federal tax exemptions for nonprofit organizations.  It also includes advising companies in drafting loan agreements, terms of service agreements, consulting agreements, non-disclosure agreements and service contracts.

EstateEstate Planning

Litwin Law Group’s Estate Planning practice includes advising clients regarding a variety of estate planning tools including wills, trusts and probate, guardianship, powers of attorney, advance directives, amendment to wills and trusts and properly structuring bank accounts, life insurance policies, deeds and retirement accounts to achieve client goals

Appellate Law

Litwin Law Group is dedicated to providing superior service when it comes to appellate law. Specifically, we assist individuals and attorneys in drafting appellate breifs and complex trial motions.